Who is Andrew Yang? EN ESPAƑOL

Andrew is a smart, pragmatic, humanity-first leader focused on bringing our country back together. It's Not Left, Not Right, it's Forward.

Together we can eliminate poverty, transform our economy to handle the automation of jobs, and end the mindset of scarcity.

The Freedom Dividend, one of 150+ policies, would transform towns across America by giving every adult $1,000/mo.

Freedom Diviend for Des Moines Iowa

See how this would impact your community at Every Single Month and visit Freedom-dividend.com to learn the math behind this policy.

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Town Hall on CNN

Interview on Iowa Press PBS

Iowa Democratic Party Liberty and Justice Speech

Andrew Yang meets with the Register's editorial board

Andrew's Path to Victory

Andrew Yang High Favorability with Independents and Republicans

Andrew is starting to break through! And of all the candidates, he has highest favorability with Republicans & Independents.

Iowa and New Hampshire do not even vote until early 2020 and they often select someone surprising, like Obama.

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We wanted to create something to help Andrew Yang run for president, and anyone interested in sharing his message. Feel free to share the link.

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